My name is Ivan Calderon and I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC where I have lived for the past 6 years. I was born in Mexico City where my passion for photography started. I am an editorial and advertising photographer specializing in portraiture, lifestyle and travel photography.  Currently, I am based in Vancouver where I studied Digital Photography at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.

There are many aspects of photography that drive my passion. As an artist, I appreciate the ability of photography to capture and freeze a moment in time. In addition, photography is able to tell a story through that moment. I help my clients communicate efficiently ideas, experiences and emotions through the images I capture.

As an avid traveller, photography has enabled me to break cultural boundaries through taking pictures. I love to travel and meeting new people is part of that experience. My other passions are film and music. I believe they play a huge role in developing my style. I also love to dance, hike and to play all kinds of sports. Mostly, I enjoy the simple things in life, and sharing them with my wife and our dog.